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43 Million Euromillions Jackpot Win It And We Share It


Most of you are now quite familiar with our Euromillions roll-over campaign and for those who are new to it, here’s how it works.

Every time there is a Euromillions roll-over we will buy a ticket and if we win, we will share the jackpot with all of our fans who take part in the fun. Simple.

You can comment on our Facebook post, ‘LIKE’ the post, ‘SHARE’ the post, or you can give us a retweet on Twitter, +1 on Google+ or even just comment on this blog post below!

Anybody who does all or any of the above will receive an equal share of the prize should we be lucky enough to win it!

To LIKE, SHARE, TWEET, G+1 or comment please see below.

Let’s make today a grrrrrreat Friday!

Here's tonights £43 million Euromillions jackpot roll-ver ticket, fingers crossed it's the winning ticket!



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Griff, the mobile comparison gorilla

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