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  • 30Oct

    Samsung Sales Drop Significantly

    2014-10-30_1812The South Korean manufacturer has reported a drop in profits of 60%, but what does this mean?

    The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 was rather subdued to say the least, there was no fanfare and you could very easily walk into any retailer on launch day and grab the S5 in stock. The complete opposite was reported with the launch of the latest iPhones from Apple.

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  • 29Oct

    iPhone The Story


    In January 2007 and we saw the launch of the first Apple iPhone, which was based on the iPod and designed to be a computer in your pocket. Goal achieved.

    The major success of the iPhone was to integrate mobile web so fluidly into a mobile phone for the first time, so that people could easily go online, in the same way they could type out a text.

    The first iPhone went on sale in the UK in November 2007 and was exclusively available on the O2 phone network only.

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  • 28Oct

    O2 Recycle

    501px-O2_logo.svgOver 1 million gadgets recycled!

    Launched in 2009, O2 Recycle has now paid out over £70 million to customers recycling their phones with them. This amount includes a staggering £24 million which was paid out to customers in 2013 alone.

    O2 Recycle also offers a same day payment service on all orders received by 1pm.

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  • 27Oct

    Journey of a Phone - What Happens After You Recycle?

    Keeping up with technology is something everyone is trying to do, but when you want to upgrade to a newer phone your old one doesn’t have to die. The average household in the UK has three unused mobile phones, yet the UK recycles the most mobile phones in the world with over 32% of phones recycled. So what happens to your old phone after you recycle it?

    Filed under: Recycled Mobilephones - by Griff DeSilva @ 16:29

  • 08Oct

    Three SIM Only Deals

    2014-10-08_1802SIM Only plans for your mobile phone from Three.

    Own a phone you love and you’re not quite ready to change?  Not happy with your current mobile phone contract? Want to reduce your monthly mobile phone bill? Looking for more minutes, more texts & data for less money each month?

    SIM Only offers a great value alternative to your existing mobile phone contract, giving you choice, freedom and flexibility.

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